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HIV Testing and Counseling

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HIV Testing and Counseling

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Give people the chance to get tested and talk to health professionals, neighbors, and peers about HIV and AIDS education and fighting stigma! AIDS is the leading cause of death globally in women of reproductive age, and AIDS is among the leading causes of death among infants and young children in much of sub-Saharan Africa. Yet in remote areas it can take 2-3 days to walk to the nearest center for treatment. This gift could bring confidential HIV testing, counseling, treatment, and education to even the most remote villages.

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HIV Testing and Counseling

Sauda Ntakiteye, 44, was diagnosed with HIV nine years ago. Sauda is not afraid to disclose her HIV status. She works with Concern and the district medical team to provide education and support to people in her community who have been diagnosed with HIV and are starting to take antiretroviral medicine. Now, she says, other people are disclosing their status in the community. “It gives us self-confidence and worth, and we hope it will help to prevent future infections. When people hide their status it makes it hard for them to access services which could help them.”