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Cell Phone & Solar Charger

Gift Item:

Cell Phone & Solar Charger

Product Detail:

Make emergency aid more mobile! When disasters or violence make it difficult to reach communities with emergency supplies, cell phones allow Concern to transfer money so that people can buy the food they need to survive in local markets. One cell phone can be shared by as many as 10 families.

Your Gift in Action

Concern pioneered an emergency mobile cash transfer program in rural Kenya, where those most in-need received secure text messages on their phones, which enabled them to collect cash from mobile phone agents. Everyone was given their own sim card, and groups of 10 were given a cell phone with a solar charger to share between them. This money was used to buy food and basic supplies. Maria, mother of 8 and recipient of this much needed lifeline says, “I think it’s a great system. Once we get texts on the mobile we can get the money immediately. There is no need to travel long distances so we can buy food with the money immediately too.” Concern is rolling out a similar initiative in rural Niger.