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Pineapple Plants

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Pineapple Plants

Product Detail:

Pineapples are easy to grow and provide excellent nutrition! The fruits of labor have rarely been better. This gift provides a family with 500 nutritious, easy to grow, and delicious pineapple plants. The fruit can be eaten or sold to pay for food, education, or other household expenses.

Your Gift in Action

Pineapple Plants

Twelve-year-old Jean Claude Habumugisha from Rwanda harvests pineapple from his family’s plot. He is one of three children of Corneille Karekezi, who, before being involved in Concern’s livelihoods training program, could get no harvest from his land. He says, “I used to go to sleep hungry and only ate what I could. The training helped me and my family get good harvest from my land. I am able to sell my surplus to buy clothes, pay for my children’s school fees, health insurance, and now we can also save money.”