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Skills Training

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A tailor-made solution for new ways to earn a living! When people have no reliable source of food or income, learning new skills can be vital to their survival. Concern helps people learn how to become carpenters, mechanics, tailors, and more - and gives them customized kits to help them start up new businesses. This gift can provide training and a start-up kit for someone to learn vital new skills, make a living for themselves, and a better future for their families.

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Garbage-picking is one of the most hazardous forms of child labor in Pakistan. Children between 5-18 years old spend up to 12 hours a day in extreme conditions, covering large distances to collect and sell materials. Children are highly vulnerable to all forms of abuse as they try to sell goods to adult strangers. In Quetta, Concern works to improve the lives of working children and their families by providing a safe place where they receive free basic education, free use of sanitation facilities, and basic vocational skills training in carpentry, plumbing and sewing, enabling older children to find employment or start their own small businesses.